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Video Montage of Third Annual Odyssey Awards Gala Featuring Governor Mitch Daniels, Montel Williams, Dr. Paul Offit and CMPI president Peter Pitts

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

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Improving Patient Advocacy Across the Globe

2017-06-14 | Peter Pitts
If you’re interested in the FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development program and attending next week’s BIO bash, hope you can attend (and participate) at this interactive panel discussion --

Improving Patient Advocacy Across the Globe

Date: Tuesday, June 20
Time: 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM
Location: Room 27 AB  

Session Description:

With the projected increase in prosperity and life expectancy in many countries over the next 20 years, the number of patients with life threatening diseases is expected to grow, presenting a range of challenges for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, governments and the pharmaceutical industry. As the number of patients with cancer increases, it will be important that structures are in place to support patients and their families, and to ensure that they have access to information and guidance on diagnosis, treatments and supportive care. At the same time, it will be critical to ensure that the voice of patients is included throughout the process which enables them access to innovative drugs – from input into the R&D process and all the way through public reimbursement and budget allocation decisions. The panel will focus on how strong, stable, capable patient organizations can provide a voice for those who both pay for the health system and rely on it.


Dr. Yoav Shechter, MSD


Kathleen Barnard, Save Your Skin
Peter Pitts, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Maria Fatima “Girlie” Garcia-Lorenzo, Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO)

Hope to see you in San Diego.