Good Policy is Good Politics

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  • 10/16/2007
The Republicans are winning the battle on SCHIP and should not mistake the carpet bombing from the Left as a sign they are in trouble. It used the same tactics to run down Part D and now they see that in politics it is hard to add something, even harder to take it away. More to the point, Americans know when their tax dollars are being wasted. Part D to help seniors and reduce hospital visits, yes. Government subsidies and government run health plans to middle income families who could get insurance on their own, no.

But look at how USA Today tries to spin the war of ideas as a war of attrition against the GOP and Bush....

"Slim majorities back two positions at the core of the president's opposition to the expansion:

•52% agree with Bush that most benefits should go to children in families earning less than 200% of the federal poverty level — about $41,000 for a family of four. Only 40% say benefits should go to such families earning up to $62,000, as the bill written by Democrats and some Republicans would allow.

•55% are very or somewhat concerned that the program would create an incentive for families to drop private insurance. Bush and Republican opponents have called that a step toward government-run health care.

Taken together, the results show that while Bush may be losing the political battle with Democrats, he may be doing better on policy."

Slim majorities? I bet 50 dollars that if the poll was on Iraq and the same numbers signaled for withdrawal the adjective "slim" would nowhere to be found.

How can you lose the policy battle and not the political battle . Who said anything about losing? See how that assumption just...crowds out the reality?


The poll should have asked about the precedent settting $83K with no asset test ripoff and the numbers would have been lower. And all this despite the media painting the contest as one of Bush vs poor kids.

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