Smoking Grassley

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  • 09/30/2005

Looks like the Wall Street Journal struck a nerve. Senator Charles Grassley, in a letter published today in the WSJ, says some pretty interesting things that scream out to be memorialized both for future reference and for reference in the Orwellian Dictionary of Newspeak. Here’s the first, “I’ve not argued that faster drug approvals increase the risk of unsafe drugs making it to market.” And another, “Your editorial underscores my strong belief that the FDA’s relationship with drug makers is too cozy. My view is based on evidence that FDA leaders have gone out of their way to accommodate drug makers when drug safety questions come up.” Maybe the Senator should attend the occasional advisory committee to see how absurd this comment is. And by the way, evidence? What evidence? Here’s a third, “My criticism of the close relationship is not based on the fact that pharmaceutical companies pay user fees to the FDA. I’ve said repeatedly that those fees don’t account for the problem and eliminating them would not be a solution.” There you have it folks, Senator Grassley supports PDUFA reauthorization. Well, we’ll see about that. I always thought he believed user fees were (as Mr. Orwell might say) “doubleplusungood.” You can look it up.


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