The Silly Season Is Upon Us

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  • 08/16/2005

Let me be blunt: The current political assault on direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals is absurd, in that the essential “insight” underpinning such criticism is the preposterous premise that patients can be made better off by withholding information from them. But that eternal truth has not prevented those convinced that ordinary people are morons from arguing that the recent Vioxx fiasco (the public discussion, not the drug itself) would have been tempered had advertising not misled people into “overuse” of the drug. Oh, please. Consider an adverse drug effect that shows up in, say, three people in 100,000. In a clinical trial of 20,000 patients, it easily might not show up at all; that is the basic nature of the inference (“type 1/type 2” error tradeoff) problem afflicting all statistical analyses. Is it due to “negligence” that unknown problems might emerge in the general population of consumers? Or is it more fundamentally the result of the harsh reality that clinical trials are not free, and that larger ones would engender even greater costs, and thus fewer medicines and more human suffering over the long term? Only within the Beltway and among the plaintiffs’ bar is “a” the correct answer. And probably also in California.


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